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DHS Lighting Design

Architectural Lighting Design Firm, Nashville, TN

 We are lighting advocates and designers who understand light and how to apply its creative and technical aspects to architecture. With over 20 years in lighting design and lighting control systems, we know how to make your job easier. Our creativity and technical ability allow us to enhance and strengthen your design. We believe that in addition to lighting design, one of our most valuable services is making sure you get what you want on the job and not paying more for it than you should. Too often the intended design gets lost in the bidding, VE, and submittal processes. Our unique perspective and understanding of these processes provide additional value for our clients and a measurable return on investment.

We work with architects, interior designers, property developers/owners, landscape architects, municipalities and homeowners. As members of the design team, we provide innovative lighting design, oversee budget control and time management, and avoid unforeseen circumstances, all of which add value to your project. 

Lighting design is our passion. We love bringing your vision to reality. Together we can create better environments through the influence of light. 


Light. The first element of creation. It is such a powerful force in our daily lives. It is both a necessity and a luxury in that our bodies are dependent on it, but it can also entertain and amaze. We are called to inspire and create better environments through the influence of light. We believe in doing work we love and enjoying time with family, friends and colleagues. We believe in giving back to the communities in which we live, work and play. When all is said and done, we long to share our adventures in illumination, and celebrate the environments created through the influence of light.

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