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Lighting Design Consultants

Lighting Design Consultants

Lighting Design ConsultantsLighting Design Consultants

Architectural Lighting Design Consultants, Nashville, TN

We are innovative lighting design consultants who deliver the vision and maintain project integrity from concept to completion.  With over 20 years in lighting design and lighting control systems, we know how to make your job easier. Our creativity and technical ability allow us to enhance and strengthen your design.

DHS Lighting Design's unique perspective and understanding of these processes provide additional value for our clients and a measurable return on investment.

Commitments to our clients:

  • We provide innovative lighting design that is both creative and functional
  • We choose the best solution for the application then thoroughly vet the products we select 
  • We provide objective and unbiased lighting design and controls expertise, and because of this commitment, we do not represent or sell product.

Benefits to our clients:

  • We maintain your design integrity, are responsive to your needs and are up-to-date on industry standards and technology.
  • We save you time and money by mitigating problems on the front end as well as providing solutions during preconstruction, construction and completion. 
  • We work within your budget.

We believe in the influence of light and working collaboratively with others to demonstrate the impact it has on our everyday lives. We work with architects, interior designers, property developers and owners, landscape architects, municipalities and homeowners.

Lighting design is our passion and it gives us great pleasure to bring your vision to reality. Together we can create better environments through the influence of light.

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